Man appeals to family to claim missing boy

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The National, Friday February 5th, 2016


A MAN in Lae is appealing to relatives of a lost boy he found to contact him and get the boy.

Hepo Mepore, 23, from Selepet, Kabwum, Morobe, said he found the boy lost at the Bisop bus stop at Lae’s Back Road area on Monday.

Mepore who took the boy to The National’s Lae office yesterday urged the boy’s relatives to come get him.

“He (boy) was alone, afraid and looking worried when I found him around 4pm on Monday,” Mepore said.

“I asked him if he was okay but he said he was lost and wanted to find his uncle.”

Mepore took the boy home and spent the night with him and on Tuesday took him to the Lae central police station and made a missing person’s report. 

“I have taken the boy to Catholic radio station Radio Maria and put a public announcement but no one came forward. I am now coming to the newspaper to help me out,” Mepore said. 

The boy, who looks to be around six to seven years old, told The National that his name was Kipu. His father’s name is Tisa.

The boy, who was at first reluctant to talk but later managed to mumble something, said he was from Tirokave village in Kainantu, Eastern Highlands.

“Papa blo mi stap lo ples (My dad is in the village),” the boy said.  

“Mi bihainim ankol blo mi kam lo Lae (I followed my uncle to Lae).

“Nem blo liklik brata blo mi em Kako (My younger brother’s name is Kako).”

Mepore said Kipu will be staying with him. Anyone who knows Kipu can call Mepore on 79279360.