Man charged with assault

The National,Wednesday June 15th, 2016

A GULF man has been charged with assault for allegedly punching a man who refused to give him money to buy cigarettes.
Daniel Foxy appeared before the Waigani Committal Court for allegedly punching George Sariman who refused to give him money to buy smoke.
Magistrate Comas Bidar told the court that according to police, Foxy was at the Hohola PNG Power compound at around 4.30pm consuming alcohol with his friends.
“While they were drinking, the victim walked past to a nearby market.
The accused went straight to the victim asking for money to buy smoke.
The victim said he had enough to buy lamb flaps meat,” Bidar said.
Bidar told the court that an argument started which was calmed down by Foxy’s mates.
“After a while, Foxy told his mates that he had to go and say sorry to Sariman.
They agreed to let him go. But instead, he went straight to the victim and punched him on the face resulting in a black eye and bruises all over his face,” Bidar said.
Bidar said it was a new case and the court would have to wait for police to complete investigations.
Foxy was granted bail and will appear before the court next month.