Man charged with Mutzing arson remanded


A COMMITTAL Court in Lae on Friday refused bail for a man charged with arson and related offences and had him remanded as police investigate and complete his file.
Jerry Minang, 32, from Markham’s Antiragen village in Morobe appeared before Magistrate Lorna Sani on charges of arson, malicious damage, damaging properties and riot.
Bail was opposed by the police prosecutor Sgt Vincent Suakai on the grounds that investigations were ongoing and the property damaged belonged to the Markham district authority.
“There is likelihood of continuous problems expected to erupt if (the suspect) is released from custody, so it would be best for him to be remanded until the completion of the police investigation and file,” he said.
The court accepted the prosecution’s reasons and refused bail for Minang but advised him to make a proper application in the National Court.
Sani adjourned the case to today.
The court advised Minang that he did not need to plead in court as the police file had not been presented yet.
“You cannot plead not guilty yet as this is a fresh case, talk to a lawyer, let police do their job and file their investigation so you can defend yourself in court, until then it’s better to remain silent,” she said.
The court heard that on July 16 at around 12pm-5pm, Minang was alleged to have been part of the riot at Mutzing station in Markham.
The riot resulted in ballot boxes and papers burnt and destroyed and damages to properties belonging to the Markham district office.

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