Man charged with possessing pornography

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A 47-YEAR-old Sri Lankan man was charged in the Boroko District Court on Tuesday with 10 counts of possessing pornographic materials that featured himself.
Handun Sivanka Sudath DeSilva denied all charges.
His hearing was adjourned to tomorrow.
DeSilva is charged with having pornographic video tapes, featuring more than 60 national women, in his possession when he was arrested on Sept 3.
Police said DeSilva had contravened section 25A of the Summaries Offences Act.
DeSilva has been living in PNG since 1989 and had fathered children with PNG women.
Magistrate Danny Wakikura adjourned the hearing because Michael Wilson, lawyer for the accused, said he had to attend a National Court hearing in Waigani.
Some women, who appeared in the videos, have been arrested and are waiting to be charged.