Man charged with raping his daughter

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A MAN who was charged with raping his daughter was yesterday committed to stand trial in the Waigani National Court.
Osborn Tebe, 45, from Yoma village in Oro province, was charged with sexually penetrating his daughter over a six-year period.
The court heard that Tebe, between January 2002 and December 2007 in Sagara, 6-Mile in Port Moresby, forcefully sexually penetrated his daughter when she was only eight years old, threatening to harm her should she report the matter.
Tebe’s behaviour towards his daughter aroused the suspicions of his wife and relatives who reported to the police.
Tebe was arrested and charged with sexual penetration contravening section 229A (1) (3) of the Criminal Code.
Magistrate Sinclair Gora said the evidence presented before the court was sufficient.
The victims’ evidence of the offense was credible, including the accused confession in the record of interview, where he “freely” admitted to the offence
He also admitted turning to his daughter because his wife had stopped bearing children.
Tebe will remain in custody as he had not adhered to earlier bail conditions.
The National Court is scheduled to hear the case on March 8.