Man charged with wife’s murder

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A MAN from Central province is to appear in the Waigani National Court on March 8 for the will ful murder of his wife.
Douglas Mavera, 31, admitted to the murder in a Waigani committal court last week.
Mavera had beaten his wife to death in Manabo village, Abau, last April 8.
The beating took place after Mavera demanded to know why she had run away to her parents with their two children.
Relatives tried to intervene but were too late as the wife was already dead and the matter was reported to the police who then arrested Mavera.
Mavera was charged with will ful murder under section 300 (1) (a) of the criminal code.
Magistrate Iova Geita said the evidence presented was sufficient to commit the case to the National Court.
When asked to make a statement before the case was committed, Mavera admitted to the murder but chose to remain silent.