Man claims police assisted ‘abductor’ escape

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The National – Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A MAN is accusing police in Gusap of assisting the escape of a man he accused of “stealing” his wife and baby son.
He also accused two police officers at the station of police brutality.
The man, Julius Naipa, a Port Moresby resident, said the man had kidnapped his wife and four-month-old son.
He said he and his wife, Margaret, from Kopiago, Southern Highlands, and son, Jesora, were in Port Moresby when the man, who he claimed “interfered” with his marriage six years ago, sent tickets for the wife and son to fly to Nadzab and went on to Drai Wara, near Gusap .
 He followed on Jan 23 in search of his wife and son and found them.
When he asked the police officers to arrest the other man from Western Highlands, the police  accused him of threatening and arrested and beat him up, leaving him with a broken arm.
He claimed that he was locked up for 12 days  “to give time for the other man and his wife to escape”.