Man detained for murder of a pastor

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POLICE have detained the deputy headmaster of a primary school in Western Highlands province for allegedly killing his father-in-law who was a pastor in a local church.
Provincial police commander Supt Ambane Kaiglo said the teacher was initially charged with causing grievous bodily harm.
“But we will need to change the charge to wilful murder as soon as the pastor’s death is confirmed by Mt Hagen General Hospital,” he said.
The pastor had gone to the aid of his daughter, who was being beaten up by her husband and four youths, with his two sons from Kulumine tribe in Tambul last Sunday.
The deputy headmaster allegedly grabbed a bush knife and slashed the pastor on the head, neck, abdomen and left leg.
The youths, who were also armed with bush knives, joined in the attack.
The pastor’s two son begged the attackers to stop but they ignored their pleas.
Seeing the assailants turning their attention to them, the brothers fled but were also slashed.
The four youths tried to kill the brothers but other youths from the neighbouring village intervened to stop the attacks.
The pastor and his two sons were taken to the Tambul health centre which referred them to Mt Hagen General Hospital last Sunday evening.
The pastor died on Monday morning from loss of blood and serious head injuries.
The siblings are recovering in the hospital.
The deputy headmaster surrendered to police on Tuesday.
The pastor’s relatives have demanded the Kanebe tribesmen to hand over the four youths to the police.
“We will not claim the pastor’s body until the youths are in the hands of the police. We don’t want revenge, we want peace,” they said.
They warned that if the youths failed to surrender themselves to the police, they would conduct a raid to nab them and that would mean trouble.