Man dies, homes burnt after girl was sexually assaulted

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A MAN was allegedly killed and homes in a village burned down after a girl was sexually assaulted on Wednesday, police say.
Madang police commander acting Supt Mazu Rubiang said the girl and the man who died were from Omura village in Transgogol.
Relatives of the 18-year-old after hearing what had happened to her went to look for the alleged perpetrator and burned down homes where he lived.
Rubiang said they also took live chicken from the compound.
The incidents happened at the Gogol Bridge just outside Madang.
Rubiang said the suspect involved in the alleged rape was known to police.
He is also from the Transgogol area too.
When he learnt of what the girl’s relatives had done to his home and chicken yard, he followed them and killed one of them.
“Police went to the scene but both villagers had disappeared,” Rubiang said.
“Police were unable to get information to assist them in arresting the suspects.
“Most of the killings happening in Madang are from the Transgogol area.
“I want the local level government president and the leaders to take ownership of the law and order problem and help police address that.”


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