Man fined K1,000 for possession of firearms

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A MOROBE man was fined a total of K1,000 by the Lae District Court for being in possession of two firearms without licence at Harvey Hall compound, Wara Muli Wau, on Monday.
Wayang Kawa, 48, of Kwembu village in Wau, Morobe province, was charged with one count of possessing a high-powered firearm without a licence and one count of being in possession of unauthorised ammunition, contravening section 65 and section 27(1)(b) of the Firearms Act respectively.
He appeared before district court magistrate Pious Tapil yesterday.
Court documents stated that on Monday, between 7am and 7:30am, police searched Kawa’s house.
Kawa admitted to police about having a Towit 42×12-gauge shotgun and a Winchester pump action 12-gauge shot-gun.
He then led them to a cupboard in his bedroom.
Kawa apologised during the proceeding and promised never to break the law again.
He was ordered by the court to pay the fine or be jailed for six months.