Man fined K300 for loitering


A 21-YEAR-OLD man charged for loitering was fined K300 by a district court in Lae yesterday.
Magistrate Pious Tapil ordered Issac Domatu from Dom village, Sinasina in Chimbu to pay the fine or face three months in prison.
Police alleged that Domatu had tried to use a Visa Debit card unsuccessfully to buy five cigarette packs and withdraw K100 at Daily Merchant Trading on June 10, and when the transaction was declined due to insufficient funds argued with the cashier and shop management.
The police were called and Domatu was arrested.
In another case, Magistrate Tapil ordered Damien Jimmy, 29, from Kerowagi’s Numaget village in Chimbu to pay a court fine of K500 or face five months imprisonment for street vending (selling betel nut).
Jimmy was caught on CCTV on Friday selling outside gate 3 of Lae’s main market.
Street vending is against city ordinance and Jimmy had allegedly been a habitual offender.