Man found dead in a stream

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THE son of a East New Britain teacher was found dead in a stream near his mother’s school on Saturday.
Adrian Lungaio, 23, from New Ireland, was last seen at St Mary’s Vuvu Secondary School behind a piggery farm after he was with his mother on Saturday morning.
He followed his mother and the school’s caretaker to the school’s administration office to make a call to Air Niugini to confirm their flight to New Ireland the next day.
Adrian went missing after entering the farm.
They looked for him in vain and decided to wait for him to show up.
A Navunaram villager was taking his normal afternoon walk looking for firewood in the bushes when he spotted a man’s right foot sticking out of the mud.
Adrian’s elder brother heard about the discovery and went to check it out.
Police said Adrian was killed between 10am and noon and was dumped in the stream.
Adrian had injuries
on his face, right side of his body and a shirt was tied to his neck.
“The fists were clenched, indicating that Adrian had struggled with his killer or killers,”  the police said.
Villagers at the scene told The National that Adrian was likely killed by people from a neighbouring village, but dumped in the stream to make it look like he was murdered in his own village.