Man gets 8 years for killing uncle

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A MAN who pleaded guilty to causing the death of his uncle was sentenced to eight years with hard labour by the National Court.
Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika handed down his verdict on Stanley Pokana, 24, of Kalo village in Rigo, Central, who killed his uncle during a drunken brawl in the village last year.
Pokana, who pleaded guilty to the charge of manslaughter, will only serve six years and two weeks in Bomana after the court deducted 11 months and two weeks he had spent in custody.
“The deceased was your uncle,” Justice Sir Gibbs told Pokana.
“The practice in our customary setting is that in society, these are important people.
“You should pay regard and respect to them instead of assaulting them or fighting with them.”
The court took into account the mitigating factors such as Pokana having no prior convictions or charges. He also expressed remorse and pleaded guilty.
The aggravating factors were that a weapon (a belt) was used, the prevalence of the offence, and a life was lost.
On June 28, 2020, at about midday at Kalo village in Rigo, the uncle and Pokana were under the influence of liquor.
When Pokana arrived at the village, the uncle argued with him and attacked him.
Since they both were drunk they fought in front of the uncle’s brother’s house.
His brother separated them and both were told to leave the area.
Pokana left the scene but while he was walking away his uncle approached him in the middle of the road and they fought again.
In trying to stop his uncle, Pokana pulled out a brown belt and hit his uncle twice in the body before they were separated.
A week later, news reached the village that his had uncle had passed away at the Port Moresby General Hospital as a result of the fight.