Man gets four years for assault, theft

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The National, Monday November 11th, 2013


A MAN who admitted assaulting, threatening and stealing from a man has been jailed for four years.

Kuma Tobias, 23, from Ku village, Kerowagi, Chimbu, admitted assaulting Kipu Buruma at 6-Mile, outside Lae, on Oct 27 at around 6pm. 

The court heard that Buruma was returning home after buying a carton of beer at a local trade store when confronted by Tobias and another man. 

They threatened him with a knife and took  his digital camera and the carton of beer.

Tobias, married with a child, pleaded guilty to all the charges before magistrate Nasaling Bingtau.

Bingtau said: “The courts cannot tolerate criminals in the community.”

He told Tobias that after completing his jail term, he should pay Buruma K540 for the camera and the beer.

In another case, Stanley Saku of Koge village, Sinasina, Chimbu, was sentenced to two years in prison for threatening a family with a stapler.

The incident happened at Aikos Compound in Malahang in Lae on Oct 25, around 7pm.

The court heard that Saku admitted that he was drunk and argued with members of a family before pulling out the gun and trying to fire at them.