Man guilty of abduction and rape

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A TEENAGE school girl who was abducted, assaulted and raped in Kimbe, West New Britain province, in 2007 has through a court proceeding, ensured that the man responsible for the crime was found guilty of three of the five charges brought against him. 
The National Court on Dec 15 found Stephen Herman Komane, in his 30s, guilty of abducting the 17-year-old and two counts of rape but not guilty of sexual assault.
Justice David Cannings said when handing down the decision that the offence consisted of four elements.
The accused took the complainant or caused her to be taken out of the custody of her parents or other person having lawful care or charge of her.
The complainant was an unmarried girl and was under the age of 18 years.
The accused intended that the girl would be unlawfully carnally known by a man.
“The State has proven each of these elements beyond reasonable doubt. The accused will be found guilty on three counts,” Justice Cannings said.
The accused was charged with five offences stemming from an incident in which he and another man allegedly took away the 17-year-old from her parents’ house without their consent and then sexually assaulted and penetrated her without her consent.
The teenager gave evidence, as did her mother and brother.
The only evidence for the defence was the accused’s unsworn statement from the dock, in which he said he went to the girl’s house and argued with her parents about something and broke a lamp but then left.
The incident had taken place at the Dagi oil palm settlement near Kimbe on Jan 29, 2007.