Man held for rape

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The National, Monday February 17th, 2014

 A MAN has been arrested for allegedly raping a deaf and mute woman at Taulil Village in Gazelle, East New Britain.

It is understood that she was a casual worker at a local oil palm project and worked with the suspect there. 

Provincial Police Commander Supt Anthony Wagambie said the suspect met the woman after work at a local trade store where she had been sent by her mother to buy some goods.

Wagambie said the man took her for a walk until it was dark and then assaulted her in a kitchen. 

The woman was released in the morning. 

He said when the woman returned to her parent’s house, the mother asked her where she had been. 

She told her mother in “sign language” what had happened, and later identified the man.

Police later arrested and charged the man. 

He said it was fortunate that the mother was able to communicate with the daughter to find out what happened to her.