Man in court over brother’s death

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A MOROBE man stood trial at the National court in Lae yesterday for killing his brother by hurling a spear into his left chest, killing him instantly at Zegori village, Huon Gulf, in 2007.
Mamane Guri, in his 40s, from Zegori village, near  Morobe Patrol Post in the Huon Gulf, was charged with one count of wilful murder of one Mainana Guri.
He appeared before Justice George Manuhu and pleaded not guilty.
The State alleged that on July 21, 2007, the accused was at Zegori village in the Huon Gulf around noon and during that time, he had an argument with his sister and sister-in-law over the use of his canoe.
During the argument, he punched his sister and then smashed the canoe with an axe, the State alleged.
The State alleged that the accused then warned his sister-in-law that if her husband, Mainana Guri, said anything “something would happen to their family”.
In the afternoon, having heard of the argument, Mainana went to see his brother at about 2pm.
When he went to see his brother, he was killed with a spear that penetrated his chest for 15cm and punctured his lungs, medical evidence showed.
The State alleged that the accused had the intention to kill his brother because he had earlier warned his sister-in-law.
The accused’s sister-in-law Ogu Mainana was the first State witness and she admitted that she and the accused’s sister had used his canoe without his permission.
She said after her husband returned from the garden, he found out about the smashed canoe.
Ogu said she tried to stop her husband from going to see the accused but he pushed her away and went on his way to see the accused.
She told the court that she saw the accused driving the spear into her husband’s chest.
The second State witness, the accused’s sister Buti Puis testified that she had observed the incident from her house.
She corroborated with the Ogu Mainana.