Man injured in vehicle collision along freeway

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The National, Friday July 27th, 2012

ONE man was injured and another escaped unhurt after two trucks collided near the Poreporena Freeway along Weigh Inn Drive yesterday morning.
Inara Oda, from Central province, who was the driver of a lorry owned by Wagners Global Ltd, had one of his leg bones broken and suffered bruises to the lower part of his body after his truck collided with a semi-trailer owned by East West transport.
The cause of the accident was unknown but eyewitnesses said Oda, travelling down the freeway from Hohola with a load of sand, appeared to lose control of the vehicle near Weigh Inn and slammed into the trailer of the East West Transport truck.
Eyewitness Wala Max, from Koroba, Hela, who was a highway driver for two years, said the cause of the crash looked like overloading.