Man jailed for drug possession


A LAE district court jailed a 23-year-old-man three years at Buimo prison for possession of dangerous drug last Friday.
Magistrate Pious Tapil found Albert Kuria, of Mian village in Gumine, Chimbu, guilty of possession of marijuana.
Police told the court that on April 16, at Angau Memorial General Hospital in Lae, duty officers were doing normal patrol in and around the Main Market police station area.
The officers sighted Kuria and his friend (Oma Michael) sitting at the holding a black bag pack.
The court heard that the police searched Michael and found a five-roll pack of dried marijuana packed for K1 and K10 each.
The court also heard that police ran after Kuria and held him with 47-roll pack of dried marijuana to be sold for K1 each and also another four-roll pack of dried marijuana in his left-side uniform shirt pocket.
The court then noted that the two accused were identified as habitual offenders and both were arrested and charged separately.

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