Man jailed for gun trafficking

The National,Thursday June 16th, 2016

A 35-YEAR-OLD man from Angoram in East Sepik has been sentenced by the Madang district court yesterday to two years and four months for firearms trafficking.
Lucas Mambo from Maramba in Angoram was caught at the Talidig police check point along the North Coast road in Madang two weeks ago.  He had in his possession five brand new air riffles and 25 packets of sniper air bullets.
Officer in charge of the Madang rural police command Anton Michael said Mambo was charged with three counts of being in possession of illegal arms and ammunition.
“The rifles can kill a man within three to five metres,” Michael said.
Michael said the air rifles may have  been for hunting birds but were dangerous because it could hurt of kill a person at close range.
The rifles were dismantled and neatly packed in a carton and placed in  a travelling bag.
Mambo said he bought the rifles in Vanimo for his in-laws in Halopa, Madang for hunting birds.
Madang provincial police commander Supt Jacob Singura said Madang police stationed at the check points were performing well and have confiscated packs of drugs and guns from people travelling along the Madang-Ramu highway and the North Coast road.
Singura has also called for tougher penalties for drug trafficking.