Man jailed for touching uncle’s wife

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The National – Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A 20-YEAR-old man from Koboibus village, Yangoru, East Sepik, was arrested and charged by NCD police last Friday for breaking and entering and for sexually touching his uncle’s wife.
The incident happened on Feb 7, at Games Village police barracks when the suspect, Gawi Winuan, broke into his uncle’s home illegally around midnight when his uncle was away and sexually touched her aunty with the intent of raping her while she was still fast asleep. 
The woman, originally from Central and married to a police Inspector, Charles Winuan, initially thought it was her husband who was fiddling her but later was socked to discover that it was her husband’s nephew forcing himself on her.
According to police briefs, the suspect unarmed entered the building twice, the first time through one of the windows in the house and later through the fire emergency door.
Police reports stated that Winuan, was caught by the women’s brother an hour earlier but lied to him that he climbed through the window to see his uncle’s family.
After he was sent away, he came back and broke open the emergency exit while everyone were asleep and went into his uncle’s room and touched  his uncle’s wife, Missie Yore Winuan.
Winuan, when noticed that it was not her husband, screamed forcing the suspect to flee.
The suspect was on the run for sometime until he was caught by police sleeping under the house of a police in the same barracks last Friday and was beaten and brought to the Boroko Police Station where he was formally charged with one count of sexual touching and one count of breaking and entering.