Man killed in robbery attempt

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The National, Thursday 29th December 2011

A MAN was brutally killed after he was suspected of being part of a gang that robbed a shopping outlet in Gordon, Port Moresby, on Boxing Day.
Eyewitness Jesse Kund, 23, from Komkui, Western Highlands, said the deceased was hit with bush knives by the workers of a shop at Gordon at around 6.15pm.
NCD police operations chief Supt Andy Bawa confirmed the robbery and killing but said he had yet to get details.
Kund said the deceased was allegedly in the shop when five men arrived in a white van and held up staff and customers.
“Only one of them (gang) had a pistol in his hand while the others went straight for the cashiers,” he said.
Kund said while the gang took the day’s takings from the three main tills in the shop’s entrance and dashed off in their waiting vehicle, the deceased allegedly held up a cashier at the back of the store before trying to blend in with the other customers and sneak out.
He said the cashier quickly alerted the guards who then assaulted the man.
“He had deep bush knife wounds on the back of his head, shoulders, leg, elbow, hip and face. He looks like he is from the coast – probably Gulf or Sepik,” Kund said.
“I do not know how much money they took.
“The gang escaped before police arrived.”
Kund said there were mixed reactions from the crowd.
Some said the man was part of the gang but came earlier to “spy” and report to the gang on how to execute their plan.
Kund said other frustrated members of the public said he was an innocent man who took advantage of the situation.
Kund said the crowd later tried to raid the store but were dispersed by police.