Man killed in tribal fight

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A 25-YEAR-old man from Gena tribe was shot dead on Monday in a tribal fight between the Silku and Gena tribes of Kerowagi district, Simbu province.
The killing brings the death toll to six since the fighting erupted last month.
Both tribes have lost three men each.
In a surprise retaliation attack on Monday morning, the Gena tribe, armed with guns, invaded Silku village and started to burn buildings belonging to Silku tribe at the edge of the Kerowagi station.
Simbu provincial police commander Supt Joseph Tondop said they believed that there was provocation involved as it was a surprise retaliation attack.
Supt Tondop said houses, food gardens and cash crops were destroyed.
He said he was disappointed that leaders from both sides did not heed his and Governor Fr John Garia’s call to lay down arms.
The Kerowagi district was declared a fighting zone by Simbu peace and good order committee last month after a similar fight broke between two tribes in Kup area.
Gena tribe leaders identified the 25-year-old who died as Aiya Gio from Kambu village.
Another person who died at Kundiawa General Hospital last Thursday was identified as Muglua Palme of Kambu village.
He was taken to the village and was buried on Sunday.
The third was Guy Masta from Bagle village.