Man refutes ban

National, Normal

The National, Friday October 11th, 2013

 WHILE some people in Port Moresby are embracing the  betel nuts ban in NCD, one small businessman in Tambul, Western Highlands, Kevin Nelson Liwa, says it is forcing people to turn to sleazier activities such as stealing, prostitution and murder.

He said instead of the betel nuts ban, Governor Powes Parkop should set some regulations for chewers.

What Pakop did was helpful but on the down side it was affecting a lot of people, he said.

He claimed three-quarters of people in the city were affected because they depended on the trade and now among the alternatives were criminal activities to make ends meet. 

He said Parkop should focus on law and order problems in the city.

“The city is filled with criminal activities and needs government intervention.”