Man seeking medical help


Two weeks ago, I met Angiva Lazy, 44, of remote Yandera village of Upper Bundi, Madang.
While our fundraising Bismarck tracking team tracked through the village, he took me to the side and showed me something on his left cheek that really troubled me because he is someone we tried to help on two occasions before through Kumura Foundation.  However, at the time, we were still trekking so I couldn’t do much. Two weeks later, I returned to Yandera to pick up my book and I bumped into Angiva again.
This time, his broccoli cancer has doubled and only got worse. Sticky creamy mucous mixed with blood kept leaking out of the surface of the cancer and the smell was bad that only the brave and caring could go near him.
He is suspected of suffering from stage 4 broccoli cancer.
Kumura Foundation made two attempts to send him to Kundiawa General Hospital in 2016 and early 2017.
Greg Kimbi, a younger brother also made an attempt to take him to Kundiawa, but without success. Currently, the cancer has ballooned outward. It is now extremely painful and affects his head, left side of his body. It seems the cancer may have drawn all the blood and water from the left side of his body and paralysing it. His mobility now pretty much depends on the right side of his body.
Kumura Foundation aided him with a pair of reading glasses.

  • You can text or call Vincent Kumura on 79127021 or Pr Aita Markus at Yandera on 73027572 or Witne Kama at Yandera on 79550416 or e-mail: [email protected]