Man seriously injured in attack at home


The Waigani National Court has found a man guilty of causing grievous bodily harm in Morata, Port Moresby.
Justice Penuel Mogish, in the Waigani National Court, in Port Moresby, found Wilson Togobe guilty of seriously injuring Daniel Usapuna on May 28, 2016.
Mogish found that Togobe had a motive to commit the offence, as his family was fighting a court battle with the victim’s family over a piece of land at Morata.
Togobe, on May 28, 2016, with two others, Vincent Mende and Bonny Waruo, at around 10am went to serve a court document at Usapuna’s house at Morata.
When they arrived at the house, they entered the yard and walked towards Usapuna’s wife, Joan, who was sitting under the house with her husband and one of his in-laws.
Togobe threw the court order at the victim’s wife and ordered her to sign the proof of service letter that was attached to the court order.
Joan refused to sign the proof of service until she had read what was in the document.
While she was reading the court order, Togobe pointed at Usapuna and said, “You will die.
“Next Saturday, I will return with five 10-seater vehicles and kill you.”
When the victim’s daughter-in-law heard Togobe’s threats, she got up and held him and pushed him out of the gate, and onto the road where they both fell on the side of a small drain.
Togabe and the two men he came with got into their vehicle and drove off.
At noon the same day, the accused and a group of men returned in two separate vehicles and assaulted Usapuna who suffered serious injuries.

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