Man slashed while unconcious

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A MAN, who was “knocked unconscious” by homebrew, was slashed to death by his friend in Kairiru Island, East Sepik, last Saturday.
Provincial police commander Insp Charles Parinjo said yesterday the incident occurred in a hamlet in Yuwun village between 4am and 5am.
“A group of men started drinking in the suspect’s house last Friday night and the victim fell asleep after having too much to drink.
“The suspect started accusing his friends of having an affair with his wife, grabbed a bush knife and chased all his friends, including his wife, out of the house.
“He returned and found the victim asleep on a bed and slashed him several times. But there were no cries or commotion.
“The victim was so intoxicated that he did not know what was happening,” Insp Parinjo said.
He then lifted the victim, threw him out of the window and dragged him to a nearby vanilla garden where he left him to die.
Police said the suspect also attacked the victim’s father and destroyed his house.
Three houses were razed in retaliation. 
Police intervened and arrested the suspect.
Wewak Island LLG president Toby Samek condemned the killing, which he said was the first in many years on his island.
Mr Samek met with Insp Parinjo yesterday and assured him that he would provide the support which police needed to complete their investigations and have those responsible charged.