Man sustains head injury after jumping off vehicle

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A YOUNG man suffered severe head injuries after jumping out of a moving vehicle which was being pursued by police in Port Moresby yesterday morning.
Nou Guba, 21, from Pari village is at the Port Moresby General Hospital with a suspected fractured skull.
It was between 3am and 4am yesterday when Guba and three of his friends pulled up at the Manu Auto port service station to refill when police caught up with them.
Police had suspected them of drink driving and wanted to question them.
Realising that police was after them, the driver of the car drove off  at high speed intending
to get away.
Scared of the police and also under the influence of liquor, Guba and his other friend  jumped out of the vehicle resulting in Guba’s fractured skull.
The other three sustained minor bruises.
“The police thought my son and his friends were criminals and gave chase and opened fire at them twice when they did not stop,” Guba’s mother Gwen related.
Director for Emergency services at Port Moresby General Hospital, Dr Sam Yockopua, said it would take time for Guba to recover as he had sustained a head injury.
He said apart from that incident, the hospital’s accident and emergency service had been pretty quiet compared to previous years.