Man to face trial over sorcery murder


A 27-YEAR-OLD man charged with murder, attempted murder and deprivation of liberty over sorcery accusations was committed to stand trial at the National Court.
Committal Court Magistrate Paul Puri Nii told Jason Andrew Tabo, 27, from Arango village in Unggai, Eastern Highlands that witnesses had shown that there was evidence of planning and intention to kill.
“Police evidence shows that Tabo on Sept 11, 2020, was going around with a group of men searching for people whom he thought were allegedly involved in his mother’s death,” he said.
“Evidence shows the same group of men went and caught the late victim Rinda Goro, who was later chopped to death and the surviving victim Kori Nigani was saved by police.”
Magistrate Nii added that the court had assessed evidence and it was supported with the photo exhibits relating to Tabo’s alleged act of attempted murder.
On the charge of deprivation of liberty, Nii said that evidence showed that Goro and Nigani were forcefully taken away by Tabo and his associates.
Tabo allegedly killed Goro, and tried to kill Nigani, after suspecting them of causing the death of his mother through sorcery.
Police alleged that on Sept 11, 2020, Tabo and his relatives had a customary feast to remove a haus krai for his mother who had died from a fall at home.
Tabo and a group of men armed with knives and an axe allegedly attacked Nigani after accusing him of sorcery in Sabama, National Capital District.
They left Nigani’s body under some rocks thinking he was dead and went looking for two other women, Betty Jacob and Goro.
Tabo found Goro and took her to where Nigani was and allegedly killed her by striking her on the neck with the axe.