Man with drugs nabbed

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The National, Tuesday July 31st, 2012

A QUICK-thinking female security officer saved the day by nabbing a drug trafficker at the Madang airport check-in over the weekend.
However, the alleged offender later escaped from police custody early yesterday.
Officer Anila Joe said she was checking the top part of the suspect’s bag when a plastic bag of marijuana was found.
The suspect, Chris Joe Agua, from Bunai village in Manus, realised this and asked the security officer if he could offer her money to shut her mouth.
Joe said she looked around immediately for help from her male colleagues but no one around so she was forced to play along.
“I lied to him and asked him how much money he was willing to give me.
I told him: “If you want to have your bag passed through then you wait for me and I will clear your bag.
“That was when I looked around and signalled to a male colleague to lock the door and have the man brought to the station.”
The drugs were  packed in seven large packets and weighed 3.02kg in total.
In a new twist, the arresting officer, when contacted yesterday to verify information, said the suspect had escaped through an opening at the top fence of the Jomba station yesterday.
The Jomba station is undergoing refurbishment and painting following a court order by Judge David Cannings to have cell blocks fit for human occupation under the human rights act.