Manage retirements


THE Papua New Guinea Teaching Service Commission (TSC) needs to implement a compulsory retirement age for teachers.
The TSC has done well last year advising educators who were due to retire under the normal withdrawal age of 55-60 and 60-65 years as compulsory retirement age.
It is a good initiative making positions available for young teachers.
Those due for departure responded well.
Motivational activities are hardly there to inspire children by those who have been in the classroom for too long and the only way to eradicate that is to execute the retirement programme.
The Education Department and TSC should keep updated information for all teachers so that they are informed of when they would fall out of the system for a smooth transition.
There are good number of teachers who have passed the retirement age.
The retired would have sufficient time to determine what to do with their Nambawan Super savings and establish themselves for their future. Proper recordkeeping of teachers should be kept to effectively manage their retirements.

Jack Kukiwa,

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