Management lets Mioks down

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to congratulate Mark Mom and his Agmark Rabaul Gurias boys for a well deserved win.
For the Toyota Enga Mioks players, you gave your best shot.
In sports, there are winners and losers.
The Mioks’ management must bear the responsibility for the defeat.
After beating Goroka Lahanis, the Mioks should have gone back to Wabag and prepare there before returning to Port Moresby on Saturday with the supporters on the charted plane to play on Sunday.
Whilst camping in Port Moresby, the players were roaming all over freely.
A final is an important game and players should not be roaming the streets.
I found it disgusting to see most of the management team drinking at the grandstand instead of sitting on the bench with the rest of the team.
The Gurias were well organised and prepared.
They travelled to Port Moresby from Rabaul on Saturday and they deserved the win.
I cannot understand why the Mioks management failed to learn from history.
A similar incident happened in the middle of the season when Mioks beat Master Mak Ranger.
They came all the way from home and won but lost to Civpac Vipers the following Sunday when they camped in Port Moresby after the Rangers’ game.
The question is why didn’t they go back to Wabag to prepare mentally and physically for the final?
I hope the management have learned from the mistakes so this will not be repeated next season.


Mioks diehard
Port Moresby