Manager: People to pick presidents

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The National, Tuesday 23rd April 2013

 THE people will have the chance to pick who is to be the president of their local level governments, says Western Highlands election manager Philip Telape.

He said awareness programmes had started to educate the voters on what to do during polling day.

“People will now choose and not the councillors and I am following this programme,” he said.

He confirmed that there had been no changes to the election dates.

He said election teams had been sent out to district offices with the common roll used in the 2012 general election. 

He urged people to check their names there.

Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen assured the people early this year that it would be their turn to elect their local level government presidents.

Akkai Kup from Mt Hagen said some LLG presidents and councillors had been going around confusing people about how they would be voting in the LLG polls.

Kup said it was the national government’s decision that the people must now pick their LLG presidents and Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen had already informed the people about this.