Manam leaders want a school


Manam leaders want to start a high school at the Mangem care centre to accommodate the 150 students who cannot find a school in the province.
Acting Iabu local level government president Kenny Boli and other Manam leaders have been trying to get help from education officials and other agencies for a high school.
Boli said the people of Manam who were moved to the mainland because of the volcanic eruption on their island, had been living in care centres for a long time and their children’s education had suffered as a consequence.
“We want to begin classes using the only four classrooms constructed for the new Sumgilbar High School at Mangem,” he said.
Boli said high school teachers from Manam were on standby but they needed the support and approval of the education authorities to get the school started.
He suggested that the school be allocated part of the K10 million Manam restoration fund.
“Our tertiary students also need tuition fees and we are really struggling to meet those requirements,” he said.
However, Madang Governor Peter Yama said that of the K10 million restoration fund, only K2 million was left.
Yama said the Ramu Development Foundation was the authority that would deal with the Manam issue.
Madang education director Moses Sariki said the Sumgilbar High School, which the people of Manam was eyeing, was not ready.

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