Manam people need help


THIS is the 16th year Manam islanders have lived in care centres in Bogia and there is still little and no effort from the Government about their resettlement.
We have heard words about help, Government funding, work on the resettlement site but nothing tangible is happening.
Those in the care centres are struggling to feed, clothe and shelter their families and provide for their children’s fees.
It is even more challenging when several host communities are rising up against the settlers.
Many lives have been lost over conflicts between settlers and host communities.
Some islanders have returned to the island because of hardships they faced on the mainland.
They know very well that it is not safe to be on the island at the moment.

Anua Negu

One thought on “Manam people need help

  • Anua Negu, it is indeed very sad what the Manam people are going through. No respectable and dignified human being has to be exposed to these atrocious living conditions and such inhuman treatment, albeit initially due to natural causes.

    What is really needed now is political will and concrete, determined, and concerted action in negotiating and finding a quick solution to the plight of the Manam people. Unfortunately I can’t see viable political leadership and acumen in play right now to prioritize the swift resolution of the Manam peoples’ dilemma. You will still have to wait for a ‘savior’ to come along and help you out of this sad situation. I truly hope and pray it is sooner rather than later.

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