Manam people still suffering


IT is almost 20 years now since the Manam people in Bogia, Madang, have been resettled on the mainland.
I wonder if the authorities care about their lives.
We have heard about funds being allocated to help them, but I have not seen anything done about a permanent resettlement solution.
The fights between Manam islanders and those on the mainland have erupted because Manam islanders do not have anywhere else to go to get resource, but to steal from mainlanders.
The land allocated to them is overused and cannot produce quality crops anymore.
They have children to feed and school fees to pay.
How can they continue living in such conditions?
While considering a permanent resettlement solution, something should be done to cater for the short-term needs for the families.
I ask the relevant authorities to visit the care centres in Bogia to see how the people are living.
Maybe, they will speed things up once they see the challenges faced by the people.
They have waited long enough.