Manam volcano erupts

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THE Manam Island volcano has been active for the last two months but remained at peace until Tuesday when it exploded into action, belching thick smoke, plume, lava and fire in a spectacular show.
Dugulava ward seven councillor of Manam Island Paul Maburau told The National yesterday that it erupted at about 10pm and the islanders who had gone back there from the care centre at Bogia were afraid and calling for help constantly.
Maburau, who is in Bogia, said he had texted Madang Governor Peter Yama and Bogia MP Robert Naguri on the situation on the island and Naguri responded saying there would be help coming for the people.
“Our MP said he will arrange for fuel to bring our people to a safe area and we will move them if there is a huge eruption,” he said.
Maburau said more than 2,000 people who went back to the island from the care centre because of hardship faced at the centre were affected.
“In my ward, 979 people went back to the island,” he said.
“The situation at the care centre is not good.
“People faced financial difficulties.
“No proper shelters and ended up in fights with landowners at Bogia and this pushed them back to the island.
“They called me yesterday and they are afraid and wanted to be moved to a safer area.”
Maburau said his people were scared when a huge eruption took place and smoke and ash followed.
He said they were waiting for authorities to move them before more eruptions put them into danger.