Manase committed to delivering services in Kandep


CIVIL Aviation Minister Alfred Manase says he is committed to providing services in Kandep.
He said a little commitment and concern for the people would change their mindset to respect services and help in the development of this nation.
Manase said the district was now in the reconstruction phase and with the assistance of the disaster management authorities, most of the damaged roads were now in use after repairs were done.
“The road from Yapum to Longap and Marianda Mission to Kambia have been upgraded and a bridge will soon be constructed. Much destruction was caused by the earthquake and the DDA in partnership with the disaster authorities have made sure the roads were reconstructed,” he said.
“The road between Laiagam and Kandep has also been fixed and the Wasa Bridge is one of the main concerns at the moment.”
He said a lot of funding had been made available by the government in the past years, totalling about K50 million, but the actual bridge was never built and he wanted to make sure it was built.
“Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made a commitment for the bridge to be constructed and it is now materialising and parts of the 96 metres of the bridge has been procured and sitting in Wabag. It will shortly be moved to Kandep station,” he said.
He said that there were no major law and order issues in the district as people were busy reconstructing their lives after the earthquake damaged most of their properties. “I have encouraged them to help themselves and participate in activities that will give them some income to improve their livelihood and make use of services that are now being offered under my leadership,” he said.
He said the district office has been maintained and public servants are working unlike in previous years when public servants sat around doing little.
The good news for the district is that the treasury office is now functioning, he said.

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