Mandan building nears completion

Highlands, Normal

The National- Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A new double-storey building is being constructed for the Mandan Clinic in Western Highlands to extend its services.

The building that will cost more than K100,000 will contain a delivery room, a 24-hour emergency room, two rooms for practical medical students, laboratory, consultation room, and two wards with four-beds.

The building and the clinic are owned by the Mandan Coffee and Tea Plantation trading as the Highlands Arabicas Ltd.

Medical doctor and shareholder of the Highlands Arbicas Dr Larry Hull said this was a part of development in the clinic area.

“This is a new face life for the clinic which is located at the Anglimp-South Waghi electorate”.

He said to put such building was really costly but the company was here to help the people.

Hull said they would put up more buildings in future to cater for literacy programmes once the current building 

was completed.

He said this was a development and more would come in future to achieve the company’s dream.

“People used to take the sick and hop on a PMV seeking treatment in Mt Hagen or Kudjip hospitals, but, since the clinic was established two years ago, it is serving the people well,” Hull said.