Mandatory for PMV drivers to take a break

Letters, Normal

The National,Wednesday 17th April, 2013

 I REFER to the comments by the CEO of Western Highland Pro­vincial Hospital, Dr James Kintwa, on PMV bus drivers who need to have a good rest before continuing their runs (The National, April 10).

Even if the authorities were to advise PMV bus drivers to rest, they will simply ignore it.

I used to travel back to 

Mt Hagen on this “tulait bus” from Madang.

Upon arrival at around 7pm, the driver and his assistant would load bags of betel nuts and pas­sengers and turn back to Mt Hagen.

Upon arriving at Mt Hagen the next day around 7am, another dri­ver would take the same bus down to Madang or Lae.

I urge the authorities 

to come up with a plan to ban PMV buses from operating in the night.

By doing this, the vehicle will stop running and the drivers will also have 

a good rest before conti­nuing.



Port Moresby