Manek recognised internationally

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CHIEF Ombudsman Chronox Manek (left) had been elected as director of the International Ombudsman Institute, replacing his New Zealand counterpart Beverly Wakem.
The appointment brings to three the number of members from the Australasia and Pacific region on the institute.
The other two are Hong Kong Ombudsman Allan Lai and Ms Wakem.
Mr Manek said in a statement that more and more countries were recognising the important role played by the Ombudsman as independent and impartial office-holders in maintaining democracy and the rule of law.
“The Ombudsman Commission of PNG is no exception and had maintained high standards itself and had stood out for its integrity and fearlessness in the fight against corruption and for its persistent endeavours to encourage the principles of good governance in the leaders and public institutions in PNG,” he said.
Mr Manek is also vice-chairman of the Pacific Ombudsman Alliance, which was launched in November last year.