Manek tells Pacific cops to act within constitution

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The National – Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CHIEF Ombudsman Chronox Manek has called on police to perform their duties within the ambit of the constitution.
Manek said, while addressing regional police women chiefs attending a three-day-conference at Port Moresby’s Gateway Hotel, the best way to improve police service delivery “is to ensure police carry out their jobs in line with the legislation”.
“Compliance needs to happen to ensure that there is consistency and certainty in the way issues that go before relevant government bodies dealt with.
“In an environment where there is certainty and clarity with the handling of matters, discretion and the opportunity for corruption is reduced,” he said.
He said from experiences and records, “the commission had most complaints arise because of systematic corruption that was embedded within structures of public administration and that includes failure to adhere to established processes”.
He cited an Ombudsman Commission (OC) report of police brutality in 2004 into the 3-Mile Guest House raid saying in that case police acted beyond their line of duty.
“The OC found that police officers had failed to follow proper arrest, detention and bail processes,” he said.
He said the report recommended police undergo intensive training or refresher courses from time to time so that they were fully aware of their duties and responsibilities.
Manek told the conference that it was important that the Police Code of Ethics was regularly recited, taken to heart and practised by serving officers.