Manning assures CJ of inquiry

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ACTING Police Commissioner David Manning has written a formal response to the Office of the Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika in relation to a formal complaint that was lodged against the Police Minister Bryan Kramer.
Manning told The National he had acknowledged receiving the complaint and informed Sir Gibbs that a team from the office of the assistant commissioner crimes had been tasked to carry out the initial enquiries into the allegation of offences committed by Kramer.
Kramer is alleged to have published statements on social media, including evidentiary material that was yet to be made public, according to Sir Gibbs.
“The public needs to understand that we are dealing with leaders and as such we must ensure that we continue to protect the integrity of the office,” Manning said.
“So what’s going to happen now is that an enquiry will be made to establish if it is true that the Police Minister Bryan Kramer committed the offences alleged in the complaint.
“If this is done and if found to be true than an investigation can than begin and if not than we may have to ask the complainant to provide more information or evidence to support their complaint.
“Just because someone says it’s a sunny day you don’t just believe it, you have to go out for yourself and see if it is really sunny, so this is what’s happening now.
“The assistant commissioner Hodges Ette will assign personnel to carry out the initial enquiries into the offences alleged to have been committed by Kramer.”
Manning said that he was still waiting for a brief from Ette and could not confirm if an enquiry had already begun.
“I will release a statement once I have the brief on the matter,” he said.

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  • If guilty just lock him up in jail. I support him when he was fighting against corruption but now I know he did it for his own personal issue with Peter O’neil.just lock him up.Because he never stops attacking O’neil even he is not a Prime minister.

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