Manning qualified


ALL citizens and the tax payers should know that the Commissioner of Police David Manning is qualified to hold his current posting.
He graduated as a police cadet and has served the department through the ranks and files.
Having gained additional qualification outside of the police is not mandatory to become a police commissioner.
Previous police commissioners were graduates from the Police Cadet College or Joint Forces Training College at Igam in Lae.
Questioning the appointment of the commissioner and questioning the integrity of Manning is an unprofessional approach.
During the state of emergency period brought about by Covid-19, Manning performed his role extremely well as the controller.
The Government has the prerogative power to appoint in the best interest of the force.

N. A. Boyce,
Boroko, NCD

One thought on “Manning qualified

  • Good on you, looks like another of power hungry unqualified officers who have not shown their worth previously and overlooked simply because of their performances and now crying for the top post.

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