Mano praised for project


I DID the usual surfing on my mobile phone and I am happy to read Hela Governor Philip Undialu’s piece on Dirio power.
The brain behind Dirio power is the managing director of the Mineral Resource Development Company (MRDC) Augustine Mano.
Dirio is the realisation of Mano’s ideas. He and I had a chat some years back when he talked about his dreams and visions for MRDC.
He told me about the property investments in Port Moresby, Fiji and the Dirio power concept.
I see immense potential in Mano.
He thinks, conceptualises things, puts pen to paper and drives his visions through the respective resource boards and the Government.
Once the nod is given, he drives things to fruition and materialisation.
From concepts to realities.
I was particularly pleased to hear about his reasons for Dirio power.
Mano said we own the gas upstream fields, our gas is put in the pipe and taken to the ExxonMobil processing plant outside Port Moresby.
This is fine, but, he said, he had an idea to build a power plant near the ExxonMobil plant and source gas power from them and supply electricity to Port Moresby.
Mano said Dirio will be owned by the LOs through their respective PRGs.
He said the country had a huge potential for manufacturing sector growth but they could do that with reliable electricity supply.
Mano told me all his ideas about eight or nine years ago.
I am extremely happy to see the fulfilment of his ideas this year.
Congratulations to Mano and those associated to his visions and ideas.

Yapi Akore,

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