Manpower, equipment available to treat patients


THE Covid-19 care centre has the trained manpower and equipment to care for Covid-19 patients, an official says.
National Control Centre (NCC) deputy incident manager Dr Melinda Susapu said the care centre at the Rita Flynn was up to standard and the staff were trained for critical care.
Dr Susapu was responding to questions by the media about concerns raised by families of people admitted there regarding the state of amenities and services at the Rita Flynn complex.
“We don’t have an issue there,” she said.
“The equipment we have, which includes ventilators and oxygen concentrators, can handle critical and severe cases.
“The facility has 40 beds but currently we are using half and the rest rooms and space is sufficient.”
She said the mild cases at Rita Flynn would be transferred to the Florence Nightingale Covid-19 Centre at the Taurama Aquatic Centre.
Dr Susapu assured the public that standard care was given to the patients at the centre.
She said counselling services were also available to the patients.
Dr Susapu also emphasised that there was no need for those who tested positive for the Covid-19 to do a second test to confirm their status.
She said when a person tested positive, a 14-day isolation was required and after that the person could return to work.

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