Manus checks out bio-fuels

Islands, Normal


THE Manus provincial government has allocated K1.5 million to study the feasibility of bio-fuel for the province.
Bio-fuel is one of 10 priority projects identified by the Manus medium term development strategy.
Money for the bio-fuel project will come from K3.04 million allocated to the province under the national agriculture development programme (NADP) funds.
Manus Governor Michael Sapau said the province’s bio-fuel study would be challenging because of its technical nature which would test the quality and knowledge of the agriculture and livestock division staff in Manus. for this project.
To make their work easier, Mr Sapau allocated a vehicle to the division last Monday, saying he was grateful that Inter-Government Relations Minister Job Pomat, who is Manus Open MP, had also supported the NADP programmes in the province by allocating the previous vehicle.
He said the politicians had done their part so it was now time for the public servants to deliver the goods and services.
“You now have a vehicle to make your work easier, there is no more room for slackness.
“By now you know what is required of you,” Mr Sapau said.
He said that with the funding support and a new vehicle, a Toyota Landcruiser which cost K111,000, the Manus government expected “positive results” in attempts to find alternative energy sources which are cheaper and cleaner to fuel the Manus economy.
The vehicle was presented in a small ceremony held at the DAL Tamat head office in Lorengau last Monday.