Manus first to subscribe


THE Manus provincial government completed its K1 million share of subscription payment to the National Gas Corporation (NGC) which is expected from all provinces.
This was after Governor Charlie Benjamin made a K950,000 cheque presentation to the National Gas Corporation (NGC) yesterday which followed a K50,000 payment made 20 years ago.
Benjamin, when presenting the cheque, said he hoped that this opened the way for other governors to complete their payments.
He said that the NGC played an important role ensuring that provinces acquired a benefit from the country’s resources.
“The National Government has its own businesses that it takes care of at its end, landowners also have their own business but it will be only fair that provincial governments for the majority of all its people have these type of businesses,” he said.
“This will result in provincial businesses bringing services to the people in the provinces.
“Manus is only a small province and we might not contribute a lot in terms of natural resources.
“Our land is 2,100 square kilometres in size which is small with a small population size of 70,000 people but we have one of the biggest sea territory in the country which is about 276,000km².
“I thank those who have formed this corporation under the Oil and Gas Act and for letting us smaller provinces to be shareholders in the National Gas Corporation.
“This allows us to have access inside so that we are able to have some form of internal revenue.
“We will do well because gas and oil will remain for the next 50 years.”


  • This was a great idea. I believe this is one way to unify our beautiful country including ABG who are trying to break away from PNG by strengthening and empowering provincial governments and the decentralization system of government that was adopted by our forefathers. Well done to Afred Kaiabe for initiating this and for current Prime Minister for reviving this.

  • Who owns this company. Hope not one of politican Finding initial money to start a business. Never heard of this company.. how about kirapim back ol business arm blg Manus provincial Goverment Eg Manus Shipping all business House and the entire Manus need a ship for transport people and cargo. Very expensive to hire a ship to bring in goods for a struggling businessman in the province .Madang is making money lon ol ship passenger .mipla needim mok not container freezer..plis have some set plans for Manus enough of last minute and eye pas decisions.

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