Manus govt to talk through its actions

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “Manus governor sleeping” (The National, Dec 11) by “Maus blo chauka” of Port Moresby.
The writer’s claim that the road network and public infrastructure have deteriorated and that the governor has done nothing to bring progress and development to the provinces is nonsense. 
A number of PIP projects including major infrastructure projects have already been submitted to the National Government for funding. 
Under the circumstances, Manus cannot hope to compete for more funds against other provinces.
Governor Michael Sapau has been vocal on the floor of Parliament seeking funds for roads and other projects.
The writer has left home for many years because five years ago, the road conditions were worse.
For many years, Manus leaders have been accused of “talking like the chauka and moving like the green snail (mbukuh)”. 
But under the Sapau government, we choose to shut up and let our actions do the talking.
The writer claimed there was no progress and development in Manus province. 
Well, the writer has to look at the work in progress at the Lorengau town markets and other district markets now under construction.
Work is on-going on the East-West Somare highway, the completion of the first phase of the mobile network, the K3.042 million NADP funds are now being implemented to improve the lives of the rural poor, the K2 million on education infrastructure development, Manus garment and textile training centre in Lorengau and later to the other 11 LLGs, and many others.
It is a bit premature for the writer to criticise. 
Even though we have some of the best brains in the country, our province remains under developed and Mr Sapau is struggling and needs everyone’s help. 
He is not a super human being but just a normal person like you and me. 
Do not hide under a fictitious name, instead we urge the writer to come to the governor’s office and share some ideas to help us develop our province.
The governor spends little time sleeping and pushes his staff very hard to work despite the many challenges.  -Peter Lasei Executive officer Manus provincial government