Manus identifies basic minimum needs

Islands, Normal


THE Manus provincial government (MPG) has prioritised and identified 16 basic minimum needs (BMN) for the province.
Each division and sector in the provincial administration will be heading each of the BMN to go out to the people and raise their awarenesses.
Each BMN programme will be conducted every month, the division which is leading one or two BMN will put up the programme for awarenesses.
BMN prioritised for this year are;
* January-Spiritual development
* February-Family life and Manus way
* March-Water
* April-Health
* May-Money
* June-Population and environment
* July-Education
* August-Shelter and governance
* September-Lands
* October-Food
* November-Communication
* December-Peace and harmony and HIV/AIDS
The Community Development Division is in charge of the month of January and February.
Officers from Community Development Office in Lorengau with representatives from other sectors including, Law and Order, Provincial AIDS, Churches of Council, Division of Agriculture and Livestock and Health will conduct the awareness about family life and Manus way today.
The provincial adviser for community development in the province Blaise Sual said the awareness would focus on two main areas of family life, early childhood care and development, and to recognise our people.
He said more than 50 people would attend the awareness and parents’ tasks and responsibilities were to take care and love their children.